Do You Know What Can A Genetic Testing Reveal?

Most of you must be aware that our genes are transmitted from our parents and hence all our family members will have common genes. Any kind of changes in our DNA of genes, which can cause genetic disorder will also be inherited in children. Hence, a few diseases as follows can run in the whole family:
• Obesity
• Diabetes
• Thyroid
• Cardiovascular condition
• Cancer
• Polycystic ovary syndrome
As science and technology have progressed so much now, DNA testing has also been developed to provide you an overall indication about not only your DNA, but other health matters, A legal paternity test by PaternityUSA, can provide legal evidence of your biological relationships. By knowing your family you can also learn about your fitness, health, and nutrition. Genetic testing is also gaining sufficient importance all across the world.
By knowing about all such genetic diseases with legal DNA test, it can help us in making a healthy choice and can also stay healthy. But remember, the results of such genetic testing are not too straightforward, and hence it is a great challenge to interpret all its results.
How does a DNA test kit work?
First step:
• Spit and Send
• Order court admissible DNA test online.
• All necessary test kits are delivered to the doorstep.
• You can call the helpline to understand various instructions about the usage of the kit meant for collection of saliva.
• Your saliva samples are collected from your home and are sent to the test center.
Second step:
• DNA extraction out of your saliva sample is done by an expert.
• After a proper quality check, your DNA is sent for further processing.
• The genetic data as obtained from the sample is analyzed by a bioinformatician for generating the report.
Third step:
• Counseling summary reports will be provided for your ready reference.
• The report of your DNAwise is sent to your email address.
• Genetic Counsellor will help you to understand the reports and offer a personalized recommendation as needed.
Why use DNA tests?
• This is a non-invasive and painless test and no pricking or any needle piercing will be done to collect samples.
• The advanced technology used for DNA analysis will follow international guidelines and provide high-quality genetic reports.
• All kit delivery and also sample collection is done from home.
• Easy options for payment.
• Access to report is private via personal email.
• Telephonic genetic counseling sessions will follow later.
• All the detailed information regarding your genetic risk, fitness traits, and nutrition providing a total overview of your overall health.
• For familial diseases an early diagnosis for preventive action.
• It can help us to plan our regular preventive health checkup and also long-term care insurance.
• You can make lifestyle changes for delaying your disease onset and can live healthily.
Other applications of genetic tests
Another very important application of such a genetic test is legal paternity testing, which will help to detect the actual parent of any child or any individual. Such test reports are also acceptable by any legal courts too.
Often there may be issues in the court of law where it is essential to know who is the actual parent of any child and in such cases, a paternity test for court can be very useful to get a piece of clinching evidence.

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